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Who can submit their work?

Anyone is welcome to submit regardless of their affiliation with the University of Houston-Downtown. 

How many submissions can I enter?

You can submit to multiple genres simultaneously, however only to each genre once. All submissions must meet the requirements as stated on the submissions/contact page. Please, be aware that there is a possibility that not all of your submissions will be accepted. If you receive an acceptance email, it will include the title of the pieces that have been selected to move forward in the publication process. If you have any questions regarding submissions, please visit our submissions/contact page, or email us at:

Do I get paid?

No, there is no payment for submissions, but there is also no submission fee. 

Do I still own my work after it’s published?

Yes. Before beginning the publication process, all contributors are required to confirm that their submission is their own original work. Your rights to your work are still maintained after it is published.

How long does it take to hear back about my submissions?

The Bayou Review receives a large volume of submissions and has a review process that involves a lot of moving parts. This means that the time for acceptance or rejection responses may vary. Regardless, our team will email you whether your work has been accepted or not.

Will my work get published if it includes explicit or sensitive content?

The Bayou Review works under the guidelines of the University of Houston-Downtown, therefore there is certain language and content that is not allowed. Although we promote artistic creativity, work that is hateful or praises abuse, violence, or discrimination cannot be published. If there are minor changes that can make the work acceptable, our team will contact you with suggested edits. 


What if I don’t approve the edits?
The Bayou Review works to present the best version of the magazine for all the contributors involved. If edits are not approved, your work may not be published by The Bayou Review.

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