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The Bayou Review provides a platform through which new and established writers and artists can feature their work. Our dedicated editors review all submissions carefully and select pieces that range from prose, poetry, and visual works.


McKenzie Brewer

McKenzie Brewer is a senior, graduating with her Bachelor’s in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. McKenzie hopes to attend graduate school where she will earn her MLS and, hopefully in the near future, work as an archivist. When McKenzie isn’t at school or working, she is snuggled on her couch with a good book (or maybe the Nintendo switch), drinking coffee, with her cat in her lap.


Gean-Louis Garcia

Gean-Louis Garcia is an English major at University of Houston-Downtown. He has worked at various newspapers and writing centers and now serves as an intern for The Bayou Review. After graduation, his goal is to become an EFL instructor. When Gean is not working on homework, he enjoys making skating videos and playing video games.


Fernando Gomez

Fernando Gomez is a junior at University of Houston-Downtown getting a B.A in English – Creative Writing. In his free time, he is seen reading comics or watching animation online. After graduation, he hopes to work in writing for comics, novels, video games or movies as learning many things that can be done with fiction.


Jennifer Hernandez Rivas

Jennifer Hernandez Rivas is a senior at University of Houston-Downtown pursuing a B.A. in English and minoring in Human Resource Management. In her free time she enjoys playing sand volleyball with her friends and doing volunteer work to help within her community. She loves traveling, and one of her main goals is to visit every single state in Mexico (so far she has 17 out of 32).


Zachary Ibarra

Zachary Ibarra is a Senior at UH-D who will graduate with a degree in English with a focus on Creative Writing. After UH-D Zach hopes to continue his education by studying Law while writing some short stories on the side. When Zach isn’t writing he is hanging out with his two dogs, Olive and Mechas.


Eugenio Lugo

Eugenio Lugo is an English major hoping to graduate in the Spring of 2022. Eugenio loves to tell stories both written in prose and in screenplay format for movies-visually.


Ann Margaret Lummus

Ann Lummus is a senior, graduating with a BA in English. Ann plans to complete her teacher certification in English language arts for grades 8-12 by Fall 2022. Ann hopes to teach her students the importance of their voices in today’s society, and critical thinking skills.


Rosemary Miranda

Rosemary Miranda is a senior majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She loves pasta, exploring new places, and spending time with loved ones. The key to her heart? Telling her she gets to sleep in.


Maria Estela Morrison

Maria Estela Morrison is an English major who likes cold showers, the sound her bike tires make when rolling over pebbles, and anything made from lemons. She has two black cats named Lux and Garen who prefer the outdoors to being inside and she doesn’t blame them.


Gisele Phalo

Gisele Phalo is a senior at University of Houston-Downtown, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities by Spring 2023. She enjoys finding new playlists on Spotify, watching movies with the family, and trying new cooking recipes. 


David Ramirez

David Ramirez is a senior English major who is involved tremendously at the University of Houston-Downtown. David is a student mentor for The Men of L.E.G.A.C.I., where he recently took on more responsibilities. David assists the leadership of The Men of L.E.G.A.C.I. in engagement and programming for students. He is also a member of Call Me Mister, The Accelerated Transfer Academy, the national honor society for transfer students, Tau Sigma. Recently he got accepted into the international honor society for English majors, Sigma Tau Delta. His long-term plans are to graduate in the Fall of 2022, be accepted into grad school, and pursue his master’s in education administration.  


Megan Tran

Megan Tran is an English major at the University of Houston-Downtown. She enjoys baking desserts with her cousins, exploring fashion, and collecting plenty of cute plushies.

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