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Interview with Adriel Ayala 

Artist Adriel Ayala is interviewed by Eugenio Lugo, about their artwork used on the cover of The Bayou Review Spring 2022 Edition. 

What is the title of your drawing and what inspired it? 

My inspiration for this piece comes from the World Tree or Cosmic Tree. My interpretation of the word tree is shown here as an entity that connects various worlds. I purposefully designed the hair to have a formation that mimics branches yet more so to look like roots, to have an impression of being not so much as a "world tree" but a Root Deity. We all have a connection to each other, no matter how obvious or elusive it may be. The six degrees of separation, a theory that one person connects to any specific person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances, is another concept presented; Your world branches out and is rooted in my world. 


What kind of materials did you use to create artwork? 


The final product is a print-off from the original piece I intended to submit, all hand-drawn with ink. I created the print-off not to mess up the initial work; Hence, the title of this final piece is "Roots 2," and my initial work or blueprint for additional developments is titled "Roots Prime." The first design only features the entity and no worlds or stars. I wanted to develop the piece further and made a print of "Roots Prime" and worked on top of it by adding the rest of the motifs. I was satisfied with the results, and "Roots 2" was born. In short, I used ink on ink on fine tooth surface paper. 


What inspires your art? 


The early studio artworks of artists Portlynn Tagavi and Mia Calderone influenced and inspired this art piece, as well as illustrator Patrick Arrasmith and a wide array of video game concept art. This artwork is an homage to these brilliant artists and their impact on me as an artist. 

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