About The Bayou Review :

The Bayou Review is the literary arts magazine of the University of Houston-
Downtown. It is completely student-run. The faculty advisor is Professor Daniel Peña. This opus includes essays, reviews, visual art work, poetry, and fiction. The university’s community is encouraged to submit their works. One of its goals is to accentuate the arts and humanities by providing a medium for students who are passionate and enthusiastic about creative writing. Students from UHD’s Literary Magazine Production class, critique the submissions for entry into the magazine. For example, the students critique publication in either Prose, Visual Arts, or Poetry sections. Students get the opportunity to gain knowledge about magazine production while also earning internship credit. The journal also features other works of visual and literary arts outside from the university community.


This magazine has been around in the UHD community since 1987, and the growth has been immense since it has been enriched with phenomenal publications from diverse backgrounds. Each issue of this work deals with a certain theme. Some of the themes from the previous issues have been Love (2013), Hurricane Harvey (2017) and the Prison Issue which focused on the stories of incarcerated men (2018). The magazine works to stay relevant as new pivotal events arise around the world and covers them in great depth.


The Bayou Review provides a platform through which students and emerging writers can express their artistic expression with inspirations through prose, poetry and visual works. This magazine gives a voice to the students which enables them to articulate their opinions. It is more than just a magazine, but a thread which seems to emerge amid as the spectrum of different states of being and it informs while cultivating one’s unique identity. This seems suitable because, amidst the shifting political ambiance and advancing technological advancements, identity remains the one stable, yet vigorous, and object within our universe.


Thus, the works featured in this journal honor that struggle within everyone’s life. The struggle to not only be just anyone, but to be yourself in a world which constantly wavers and to embrace your uniqueness. Through these publications in the journal, students get a chance to dream about a life where they are the shining star which is dedicated to promoting “inspiration”. These works hope to inspire spiritual growth, personal reflection, development and community learning and connection.


This magazine would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of these editors and interns. The general editor is Mariana Cano who is an Interdisciplinary Studies major. The The interns for the magazine are Sara Ali, Dominique Delgado, Blanca Guadiana, Tamara Heredia, Nolawi Neguissie, Wendy Nuñez Chavez, Nathalie Paterno, Sarah Watt, Brittany Zambrano, and Zaida Quezada.

Editors / Fall 2018