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Interview with Christopher Polanco

Christopher Polanco is interviewed by Estela Morrison. They discuss the significance and inspiration behind the photo "MamaFela", found in the 2022 Spring Edition of The Bayou Review. You can follow Christopher Polanco on Instagram

What do you usually photograph? What are you interested in photographing?  

I love nature! When traveling I love to take pictures of landscapes, animals, and portraits of my friends.  

Where and when was the photo of “MamaFela” taken?   

I took this picture during my last visit to Honduras in 2019. It was my last trip before the pandemic.   


Why did you choose to do this photo in black and white over color?   

Some pictures are too amazing that I don't want any distractions. I need, sometimes, that extra touch of cinema, emotion, and simpleness.   


Do you always prefer black and white photography?  

I would say half and half. Depends on the situation or type of picture. I think portraits, mostly, reflect emotions better when in black and white. They just have this vintage feel. 


















When you took the photo originally, did you use your phone or camera? What camera/phone did you use?


This picture was actually taken with a Google Pixel 3XL. I was barely introducing myself to photography. Right after that trip to Honduras, I decided to get my first basic camera.   


Was your subject asked to pose for the photograph or is this a candid shot?   

I was making my grandmother laugh while she was making tortillas for us. Never saw it coming.  This is my favorite candid shot.  

What is it about this photo that speaks to you in the form of  roots?  


My grandma is the person who the majority of my values come from. I grew up with minimum material possessions but an immense amount of amazing memories. To look back and see this picture reminds me of kindness, compassion, love, and  simpler times.   

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